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Sunset or sunrise?

As a boy, I was told clouds are drawin up water when this happens.

How do you think that little clump of daffs got there?

I planted four different varieties of potatoes: Red Pontiac, Yukon Gold, Norkotah, and Kennebec, using the Ruth Stout method.

These are being grown for our upcoming Master Gardener plant sale by a warm and wonderful Amish lady. I wish I could’ve taken her picture too but that’s not allowed.

We still have a movie theater here in rural Western Pennsylvania. The first “monster” movie I saw on the big screen was in a theater similar to the one pictured, the movie was “King Kong” (starring the lovely Fay Wray).


By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

11 replies on “Sightseeing”

I miss the old theaters. There were two in my hometown that have now been converted into other things. There is one in a town near here that has been kept up and continues to show movies.

One of the first jobs I ever had was selling tickets in an old theater like that. The big perk, I got to see the movies for free. Since most of the local theaters were owned by the same man, I got to see all the movies for free. These new cineplexes are not the same.

I grew Yukon Gold by accident last year. Threw some rotten potatoes on the compost and they grew, and grew.

They did not renovate this into a dinner theater until after I left home so I have never gone there. I went as a child to see movies. It was the Roxy and my grandmothers name was Roxy so in my child mind, I thought we owned the place! lol…

Taters ready to rumble!
Interesting how the sunset differs. In our small town, we had not one but two of these wonderful theaters to enjoy. Luckily, one has been renovated into a local dinner theater. The other became a parking garage, bummer….

Well I can’t wait to see how the potatoes do. We use to have an old theatre like that one where I grew up. I remember spending many Saturday afternoons there watching Walt Disney movies.

I’m going to guess sunrise (pic taken on your way to drivin’ the bus in the mornin’). The daffs probably got there when some earth was moved from another spot and deposited there (where is “there”?). I can’t wait to see how your taters do using Ms. Stout’s method. And finally, I miss the old theater that was in the town in Southern Illinois where our kids grew up. Going to a movie in the old Liberty Theater was like watching it with the biggest family in the world. Everyone seemed to have a good time, the kids who were unruly were calmed down by any adult sitting nearby (and they listened!), and the old fellow who managed the place ran a tight ship but never forgot to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated. Great post, TC. It made me feel a little homesick. (Sniff!)

Sorry, wrong W2W, it was actually a sunset, taken at around the same time the one below it. Isn’t it amazing sometimes, how flowers get deposited from here to there? I often long for a return to the “good ol days,” but then I wouldn’t have my iPhone!

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