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Spring’s Winter Weather

It never fails to return, if just for a few days, with snowfall even. When I first moved here from Kentucky I was stunned to find that it’s not unusual for it to frost in May around these parts, and snow on occasion. That was 22 years ago and I’ve still not gotten used to the weather patterns here in the northeast. Especially the wait for warm weather to finally settle in.

When it comes to planting warm season veggies, we generally try to wait until nighttime temperatures stay in the 50s, not in the 30s like it’s been lately. Our tomatoes and peppers are overanxious to get settled out in the garden, and we’ve annuals to pot up and plant. Memorial Day is our “last expected frost date,” should we push our luck and plant this coming weekend when temperatures are expected to be in the upper 60s with lows around 50?

The weather lately feels kind of Antarctical, perfect for penguins perhaps, but not for planting.

Handcrafted penguin gourd


By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

14 replies on “Spring’s Winter Weather”

You still alive over here? (lol) I hope everything is going well for you and that you’ve started planting. If not you’ve got the three day week-end coming up!

Oooops, guess I should have looked at the date you replied, so sorry. Of course I was kidding when I asked you that question. 🙂

Hi TC, so sorry about the cooler weather. Maybe someone should call Mother Nature and tell her it’s supposed to be Spring. I hope you get your planting done soon.
The penguin is adorable, I love it 🙂 Are you going to be selling them?

Thank you Ms. Sandy, I don’t know if I’ll be selling them, or our master gardeners will. Either way, it’ll take some dedication to grow, craft, and sell them. I’ve not made any more besides that one, I have a few more gourds that I could do, but I’m very busy with writing and speaking engagements now also. And that’s also why I’ve not updated my blog in a while!

Well, did you get things planted? If it’s any consolation, the pool water finally felt warm enough this weekend to take a dip, which I did. And I’ll bet you don’t have as many garden pests as we do. Here, they can be year ’round.

No Ms I, haven’t got much planted at all! It’s been wet here for the last several day, perfect conditions for late blight! None of our tomatoes are in the garden yet!

That’s okay Dave, I’ve been rather lax with posting to my blog and visiting others! This is the time of year that gardeners, garden writers and garden speakers get very busy. And stay that way for most of the season.

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