The Aging Process

There comes a time…

Oh, this old world / keeps spinning round / It’s a wonder tall trees / ain’t layin’ down / There comes a time.                            – Neil Young

There comes a time when things just get old. And this means relatively new things just get old. Technology never gets old though, just the stuff made from it, like my 2003 Dell desktop computer.

Model year 2003 old Dell desktop computer

There’s a funny saying going around, used mostly by old folks like me, that “youth is wasted on the young.” Right now, my old Dell desktop is being diagnosed to see if it can get any of its youth back. Some of you might think I’m fixated on the aging process because I’ve mentioned it a time or two here. I wouldn’t call it a fixation, but doesn’t 54 years sound like a long time ago? I spoke to one techie who told me that, yes, my 2003 Dell desktop was considered old in today’s high tech world. Was high tech low tech in 2003? Will high tech be low tech again in 2017? Undoubtedly.

And so as Mr. Young put it, “this old world keeps spinning round.” And it’s no wonder that old men (and their old computers) keep falling down.


By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

15 replies on “There comes a time…”

I laid it down before it bit the dust entirely Ms. Linda. I now have a new HP tower. I kept my Dell monitor, nothing wrong with it, and the speaker system I had.

Okay then, I’m not old! 🙂

I too had to retire my Dell….so sad, too bad…happy as a lark at 58 to be sitting pretty with a new IMac…
The learning curve so easy…one on ones make it a snap…
The only bad bug in the world is one inside a Dell!
Good luck with the Dell!
Sherry who loves bugs……

Hi TC, I’ve been meaning to get over here for so long now. Had to make a quick comment and then take my dog to the vet for an appt. You always make me smile whenever you leave a comment. And yes, there really are blue moons in carolina 😉 I’ve seen them lol but i know the prettiest ones are in Kentucky 🙂
I’ll be back later to catch up and see what all you’ve been up to.

Hi Ms. Sandy, I’m glad I brought a smile to your pretty face! And I understand about “meaning” to do things; I’ve been lax with visiting other blogs too. I’m a lazy gardener and sometimes it rubs off on my blogging attempts.

Gosh…I sure wouldn’t call 54 old…since I’m turned the big 60 this year…yowie zowie…

However, the 2003 computer has got to go…give it a nice send off…gee you were really great…I’ll miss you terribly…blah, blah…oh I mean…sincerely…HA!

Then go out and by a nice computer with Windows 7…hear music playing in the background…I LOVE Windows 7. I didn’t invent it like the commercials say…or Al Gore claims…but I love it! I have a HUGE 17.3 inch monitor on my Dell Inspiron…LOVE it…and I get to pay for it for about a year…oh well…

Sandie Parrott

Thanks for the inspiring words of HDT Ms. I. I write a monthly piece for “Life & Times: A Magazine with Senior Flair,” it’s one of those news magazines that local papers sometimes produce, and in this month’s edition I quoted Mr. Thoreau several times. Life & Times is also available in an e-issue here:
but you’ll have to let it load, it don’t take long though. They don’t have the August issue out yet, that’s the issue my next article is in.

I have “attitudinal adjustments” on a regular basis; I’m raising two teens!

Odd, Joe says much the same. Time you got a nice Apple. None of ours have ever died nor needed repairs. New ones are purchased to accomodate updates on programs (they get old, too)

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