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Music by The Write Guitarist

Most of y’all know I have a son and daughter living in Kentucky. My oldest daughter, Whitney, is 28, and this is one of her favorites that she loves to hear me play. My new band, Mandolin Whiskey, starts this one off a little shaky, but it smooths out really quick, pay close attention to the beautiful and subtle sound of Phillip Hartsock as he gently plucks the mandolin. Mike Russo is on bass.  I hope you enjoy our version of Mr. Bojangles.



By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

11 replies on “Music by The Write Guitarist”

I had to come back and enjoy the wonderful music again!
That would be lovely to have the wonderful pansies growing wild. That’s funny your Mom used to call them Johnny jump ups. It’s amazing how many names they have. Have a great week-end!

Simply Wonderful! I really enjoyed it!!!! My Daddy used to play in a Bluegrass Band. I miss him so much!
Keep up the wonderful music. I for one always enjoy videos such as these.

Ginger took some beautiful fall pictures!

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