Twitterly wonderings

I’m not quite sure how to use Twitter and I’m looking for ways to integrate its use into the business of The Write Gardener. Do y’all have any suggestions?

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

7 replies on “Twitterly wonderings”

Advertising whatever it is you’re selling: an idea, a book, a product…Google and other search facilitators pick up on the many different places your brand (The Write Gardener) happens to show up. I hope you have it trademarked, my friend, because one of these days you’re gonna be famous. Oh, and please feel free to stop by and visit when you start that jetting around the country/world.

A necessary evil that all authors/marketers should probably learn. But it does seem to take
more time away from an already crammed day.
Much work to do, unfortunately, to be successful
a self-published author/photographer. Many // in life these days.

I am a clueless friend on twittering. So sorry.
Maybe something about birds and how they ‘replant’ our flowers for us while they are twittering. Or maybe in the spring you could do an article on ‘twitterpating’ amongst the creatures of the gardens…just like on Bambi?? I am no help!

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