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I will soon be a self-published author. And let me tell ya, it’s a lot of work! Through the Seasons with The Write Gardener is on schedule for publication this coming spring. Sources say that I should have begun announcing this a year ago because of the added work it’ll take to promote it myself. They say I’ll be competing with new books being readied for publication via traditional methods and that it’ll take much more labor to promote my self-published book. I was supposed to be making weekly announcements on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bebo, and numerous other social networking sites (Oh my! I don’t have a Bebo account!) but I’ve been kind of lax.

Several of my friends have self-published works: Phillip Hartsock has three books, his latest can be had at a 15% discount; photographer extraordinaire Elizabeth Tenerelli has just released her first book of photographs paired with poems from the likes of Shakespeare, Browning, and Marlowe; and LK Hunsaker has self-published five books (I’m impressed with LK’s energy!).  My first self-published book will be a collection of gardening articles from the past six years. I’ll include a few stories from here and there as well, and some favorite recipes. Illustrations are being drawn by my brother Don Conner, and you’ll not believe how great his work is until you see it, so please plan on buying a copy of Through the Seasons when it hits the book stores this coming spring. Of course you can always contact me personally for a signed copy.




By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

13 replies on “The Book”

that’s great TC! let me know if your going to be having pre sales. we have nothing fancy here, a small guestroom, but it will do if your tired and need to lay your head somewhere. And I’m sure I could have you a bowl of beans and some cornbread ready *lol* hey we could even go into the holler and pick up a pint LOL !

I’m really happy for you, TC. When you begin your book tour down South, remember you have friends in Florida. I want my copy signed by the author!

I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and blessed New Year!

I would like to reserve three signed copies of your book – please let me know when I can come for a visit. Or, you can drop them off here at mnmacres in Harrisville… and Mo are welcome anytime. I am in awe of any author – maybe I will publish Todd’s Story some day.

3 copies Ms. Julie? WOW! I’m honored. And you can be sure we’ll be visiting just as soon as winter’s gone! I think you should publish Todd’s story. I know it would be inspirational to many!

Hey, Congrats! It is a lot of work, but wait till you have those copies in your hands! And don’t worry about the advanced promo – you’re doing that by interacting with people, which is the best way to promote. Readers want the relationship these days. You’ve already been doing that. “Buy my book” posts are easily overlooked on social networks when we’re not tuned into the author himself, rather like a character something happens to before we get introduced to him. Who cares?

I’ll want mine personally signed. 😉

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