Blogger needed!

What would it cost to have someone blog for me?

I should do some research and find out how much I’d have to pay. I could offer “It’ll Get Your Name Out There” for compensation. (I wish I had a nickel for each time it was offered to me!)

I’m actually blogging for that now, over at Pennsylvania Gardener’s website. If this post was all about gardening I could even use it there, but it ain’t, so I cain’t. It’s more about needing a writer I guess. Or maybe it’s about me needing to write more. Yeah, that’s probably it. But I can’t pay myself to write more, maybe I could….yeah, I can! I’ll write more so that I can get my name out there!

Anyone ever heard of The Write Gardener (and speaker)? No? Hmmm, I guess getting paid “It’ll Get Your Name Out There” is pretty much like getting paid nothing! Oh well.

Perhaps nothing is better than nothing at all?

1 thought on “Blogger needed!

  1. teehee–yeah… blogging seems to be working on a different metric. And honestly, guest blogs aren’t THAT much easier than writing blogs… I’d love to get paid to blog for others, but I suspect the time spent FINDING people who want my brand of insanity might make it a sub-minimum wage endeavor…

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