Warm weather means free your feet!

I’ve decided to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while: get a pedicure. And I know my tootsies will thank me for it! A few of my male friends think I’m odd, and they’re put off by the fact that I like my feet and toes to be clean, neat, well-kept, and, dare I say….pretty?!? There’s not much I can do to change the shape of my toes, but I can make them happier by keeping their nails clean and polished.

Polished? Did I just say I like my toenails polished? Well, yes, I suppose I do. But guys (and gals) what’s wrong with that? And so what if I might like to have a colored nail or two once in while!? Does that affect your physical and/or mental wellness?? Some of you act like it does. So, do me a favor this summer when we run into each other, if you happen to look down at my toes while we’re talking – if you can’t say something nice about them, don’t say anything at all! And don’t worry, I won’t be asking you what you think of them either.

Men, do yourselves a HUGE favor – if you’ve never had a pedicure, get one, whether you need it or not! And if you think it’s not manly, read this.

My 56-year old feet and toes appreciated their first pedicure.

My sister nailed me recently because I sent her a picture of my painted toenail (she had been painting the nails of a friend). She thought there was something wrong with me and we got into a very lengthy discussion about what it says in the Good Book about homosexuality. In the end we agreed to disagree but I didn’t know that men with pretty feet and toes caused homophobia.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

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