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Mandolin Whiskey

My band, Mandolin Whiskey, formed a little over a year ago. It’s still going through birthing pains but for the most part, has remained strong and viable in the local music scene.

I’ve been pluckin a guitar for the better part of my 56 years, and have played in a number of bands. But MW is closest to an actual “child of mine” than any other band I’ve been associated with. And this summer, 2012, is one that finds us performing most every weekend. I guess that means we’re doing something right, but it also means that I’m feeding off what our audience is experiencing at our gigs.

It’s no secret that musicians feed off energy emitted by live audiences, and that energy is like a drug, and I’m addicted to it.

Thanks to all the fans of our music! I do it for you!!

Expelling your energy
Old friends

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

9 replies on “Mandolin Whiskey”

Dear Mr. TC: Music heals the soul. It is soothing, exciting and fun. Also, I am a musician, I play the piano.

I hear so much about MW — One day, I would like to hear your band! I heard one of your songs on the band’s website – not Facebook. I think the website is called Pure Country? Will the band ever perform in Hermitage?

Hey Ms. Shandra, our band doesn’t have its own website (might be makin one in the future!), however, we do have a Pure Volume music page, click here to check it out and listen to more MW! (You have to create an account to listen but it’s free and they won’t spam you with emails!). And yes, we will be performing in and around Hermitage! Check our schedule by clicking here.

Glad you’re busy! Don’t tell anybody but massage work is all about energy. It’s a matter of not absorbing too much of the client’s negative energy and trying to convert it to positive. I wish I had more hands. Then I could strum a guitar while I’m working on turning it (the energy) around. I do play soft music in the background to help. Got any soft music?

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