I’ll guest post on your blog, but only if it has 5 trillion followers!

There was a pretty good discussion recently on “The Business of Garden Writing” Facebook page about guest posting on someone’s blog. A link was posted to an article on the Business 2 Community website – 5 Reasons You Should Be Guest Posting Right Now (which offers some pretty good advice, if you’re into that kind of thing). I ventured the question: “Would you guest post on a blog that had only 3 followers and .003 comments?” Needless to say I discovered a few hortheads who wouldn’t dare. It should be noted that The Write Gardener’s blog probably qualifies as a “do not guest post” blog, but ask him about it and I think he’d probably say something along the lines of “I don’t give a rat’s patootie!”

There are two types of people – those that want to build themselves up, and those that don’t. Some would classify them into the haves and the have nots, or more politically divisible – liberals and conservatives. Create your own dichotomy, I don’t care. But there is one, and sometimes it rears its ugly head so much that it makes me want to use expletives! And I don’t mean mild ones!

It shouldn’t be called guest posting if your blog must meet certain high brow criteria in order for it to be considered, it should be called guest snooty posting!


By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

One reply on “I’ll guest post on your blog, but only if it has 5 trillion followers!”

I went over the events of the last week and my head is swimming. Those bloggers are cruel, but photographers are just as bad. Sure, they will “help” you – for a price to take their classes or lectures. Otherwise forget it. It’s everyone for themselves. One exception is David Fishman. Sweet guy, talented and far too humble. Folks want to help him.

Anyway, I had a HUGE fight with a woman from Vermont last night on Libya. Brutal. This was one person I had been watching. It was only a matter of time until I had to block her.

So, perhaps we might let cooler heads prevail today. We might need the hortheads someday. God knows for what, but they do seem like a bunch of wasps waiting to attack at will. Ponder.

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