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It’s not my cross to bear, or is it?

The Allman Brothers Band sang about it not being my cross to bear. But if not’s mine to bear, then whose is it?

It’s said that Gregg Allman wrote that song about an old girlfriend, and if you read the lyrics it’s quite evident that someone might have been asking too much of someone else. I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a relationship with either of my three wives (I’m twice divorced, just to be sure that none of you think I’m a polygamist). However, there are other relationships that more often than not require us to bear some sort of cross. I’m in one now, and it sucks! 

I posed a question on Facebook: Struggling and happy or miserable and rich? You can probably guess that answers ranged widely. Some folks believe you can be rich and happy, and I’m sure that’s true. But that’s not the point of my question. I’m wanting to know why it seems almost normal for some folks to accept the fact that it’s just the way it was meant to be – for them to struggle all their life, not being truly happy. I think I’ve accepted the cards I’ve been dealt, I’ve never folded, yet. The analogy is that you keep going forward, not backwards, as long as you get a chance to be dealt a new hand every so often. You stay in the game. 

Staying in the game is my plan. And doing so allows me to toss the cards I don’t need. I’m about to toss another one. I’ve been dealt a losing hand, but the luck of the draw keeps me honest. That and writing and music. A full house beats two of a kind, I’m calling that bluff!

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

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