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Is God in My Twitter Feed?

I am a Christian. And I believe in God, His son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; The Trinity. I am a convert to Catholicism, and I believe the Catholic Church is the proper House of God where I should be worshipping, and although I don’t make it to Mass every Sunday, I am most often present for at least one or two a month. I make this declaration of my own free will, having had my dear Mother’s approval to become a Catholic many years ago before she died. Her words were wise: “if you feel in your heart that it is right for you to convert to Catholicism, then you have my blessing.”


I have many friends who’re not Catholic, and that’s fine, they’re good people nonetheless. When I choose a friend, I don’t think about their religious beliefs or what particular denomination they may or may not be affiliated with. I can pretty much tell if I want someone as a friend by the third or fourth sentence of our very first conversation. Be that in an online exchange of words or face-to-face.

There are many things I don’t understand about how things are supposed to go while I’m alive. I wonder about what’s out there, or over there, or up or down there after I’m finished. I know some believe strongly in an afterlife, an eternal existence with God, immortality with no more worries, no sadness, the ultimate utopia I guess you could say. It’s something I’d like to believe too, it kind of makes all the struggling seem worthwhile.

But what if there’s nothing? What if this is all there is? I ask that question to no one in particular while I’m walking; I’ll look up and see the endless sky, or the trees that for all I know have eternal life, I like to think they live forever, and that there’s no end to the sky above.

I don’t find it frightening thinking about the end of my life. I know it’s coming, but I don’t dwell on whether or not I’ll be with God when my time is up. I think that we should live today like we would want to be remembered after tomorrow. And if there is an afterlife, and I end  up there, I would think God might say I done good. And if there’s an end to the sky above and trees don’t live forever and after we’re gone we’re gone, I hope someone finds out if God is on Twitter.

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

9 replies on “Is God in My Twitter Feed?”

I came back here after you followed me. I think this would be a great question for Gibber — Is God on Twitter? — because it can be serious, philosophical or silly. Something for everyone!

Another well posed entry. I enjoy reading your blogs and there is something for everyone in most of them. I like your point of view and it’s not a lot different from mine. I follow God (@thetweetofgod) on Twitter so maybe the question is already answered. Although he’s very cynical on Twitter.

Thanks son! You’ve asked me about the Catholic Church once or twice. I think you should go to Mass sometime and check it out. And I’ll be checkin out God on Twitter @thetweetofgod!

I enjoyed this post, TC, even as an atheist. But that sign? Seriously? Would you follow God if he was on Twitter? I once saw an actual sign posted outside of a church that read, “Who is better, Santa Claus or Jesus Christ?”

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