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Holiday Touring: April Fool’s Day

It was suggested by an anoymous blogger known only as Doobster418 that me and fellow blogger Ms. Marilyn over at Serendipity answer a few questions about a particular holiday – April Fool’s Day. Doobster418 was prompted by Willow’s Corner, whom I’ve not had the pleasure of reading yet, but will. I reckon this type of blogging assignment is called “Holiday Touring” and is a first for me. Since I need to write often in order to write at all, I thought I’d go ahead and answer a few questions about April Fool’s Day. Lifting the instructions from Doobster418, they read: “A blogger selects a holiday and then poses three questions to two other bloggers he or she has selected. The questions are about how, if at all, the two other bloggers celebrate that holiday.” So, here we go:

Question No. 1: What, if any, April Fool’s Day pranks have been pulled on you? Alternatively, what is your favorite April Fool’s Day joke?

I haven’t been pranked on April Fool’s Day. At least not to the degree that would make it stand out as an actual prank. There’s been a lot of lame one liners tossed at me on April Fool’s Day, such as “Look up there! It’s Superman!” Or someone handing me fake money and then shouting “April Fool’s!” As for a favorite April Fool’s Day joke, I don’t have one. Which might leave you thinking that I’m boring or a little too serious about stuff. But I’m not.

Question No. 2: Do you pull pranks or practical jokes on April Fool’s Day? If so, please tell us about some of your best pranks or practical jokes that you have pulled off.

I guess I’m not much of a practical joker on April Fool’s Day, or any other day. However, I do like to make stuff up, musically, orally and in writing. Some of that might be considered a joke.

I make stuff up.
I make stuff up.

Question No. 3: April Fool’s Day should be a national holiday — yes or no? Defend your position.

I almost came to dread seeing “Defend your position” on tests when I was in college. I was one of those non-traditional students you’ve heard about who go back to school in their later years. I was 46 when I started college at Slippery Rock University in 2006. It was rated a top party school by Rolling Stone Magazine at one time (no joke), which had no influnce on why I chose that particular college. Do I think April Fool’s Day should be a national holiday? Yes, because the world needs more brains on dopamine.

Dopamined brain.
Dopamined brain.

It’s not required of me but is suggested that I choose a holiday and get a couple of bloggers I know to do as I’ve done; the holiday I’ve chosen is Groundhog Day. If you’re wondering why, it’s because I have a love/hate relationship with whistle pigs. I love their cuteness but hate their appetite for all things green in my garden. The two bloggers I’d like to see write about this national holiday are Walk2Write, who blogs on Blogger, not WordPress, not that it matters. I used to have a Blogger blog, still do, but should take it down because I don’t blog there anymore. I’m not even sure why I switched to WordPress. Walk2Write is one of my earliest internet friends and a great writer who likes to walk. We all should do more walking. My second blogger I choose for this Holiday Touring thing is Y. Prior, over at Priorhouse Blog, who I’d also like to thank for noticing a discrepancy that causes folks to go to my neglected website when they search “TC Conner.”

So, Walk2Write and Y. Prior, here are your three questions to answer about Groundhog Day:

1. What do you do on Groundhog Day? Play with whistle pigs? Feed them? Visit Punxsutawney, PA?

2. If you garden and are terrorized by greedy and gluttonous groundhogs, what do you do to keep such a pestering pig out of your garden?

3. If you could live one day over and over again, what day would you choose, and why?

Have fun with it Walk2Write and Y. Prior!


By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

9 replies on “Holiday Touring: April Fool’s Day”

I never defend my position unless someone is actually attacking me and even then, I’m not much into warfare. I’ll discuss my position. I’ll explain my position. I’ll even rethink my position, if you give me a good enough reason, but defend it? Now — defending April Fool’s Day seems, not to put too fine a point on it, a bit of a fool’s errand. (Ouch.) But essentially, I’m in favor of more holidays because we simply don’t have nearly enough. Too many holidays are loaded down with Meaning and Memory and Tradition. Hardly any are lighthearted and just plain fun, so I’m firmly in favor of adding more joviality and humor to our calendar. But you can skip the pranks. Practical jokes are almost universally hurtful and mean-spirited (at least from what I’ve seen of them.) Just saying. Nice post!!

Hey TC – thanks for tagging me amigo 🙂 – but again I could not get here! seriously – I even tried to link on the ping you sent me and it kept going to your “removed blog” page = you might need to go to your settings and connect this blog to your gravatar…

Nicely done, TC, even though you’re not much of a prankster or practical joker. Now Groundhog Day. There’s a rather esoteric “holiday” if there ever was one. The good thing about living in San Francisco is that no matter what happens in Punxsutawney, PA on that fateful day each year, it won’t have any bearing on the weather we have out here. Thanks for playing along.

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