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Picture perfect?

Besides strummin my Martin and plantin a flower or two, I like to take pictures. Most of my subjects are flowers, but I’ll snap a photo of anything in the natural world that catches my eye.

If you like gardening, then I’m sure you’re familiar with growing bachelor buttons. They’re grown as annuals (annuals grow, bloom, and die in one season) here in the northeast, very easy to grow, even for folks who say they can’t grow anything. Bachelor buttons will reseed too, an added bonus of growing these flowers I think.

Bachelor Button
Bachelor Button

Hydrangeas are also relatively easy to grow here in our neck of the woods. They’re perennials and will keep your yard beautiful for years. The one pictured below is a Pee Gee hydrangea, I love how they change colors from soft white to pink towards the end of summer.


Weeds can be a gardener’s biggest headache. I used to let them bother me, I’d spray the most potent weed killer I could find on any and all plants that looked like a weed. But around six years ago I started to notice a drop in the number of honeybees in and around the yard and garden. That’s also about the time I started hearing about Colony Collaspe Disorder, I no longer use chemicals to control weeds or bugs (unless it’s a yellow jacket!).

Weed seedheads
Weed seedheads

A  lot of what I see means more to me than it probably does to you, like the photo of that sun dog. In order for it to show up, the sun’s rays have to reflect off of ice crystals in clouds. When I see one I make a wish, because you never know…

Sun dog
Sun dog

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

2 replies on “Picture perfect?”

so beautiful TC – especially your words on the sun dog.

and I have grown many (many) flowers, not not sure if Bachelor Buttons have been in the mix. Maybe…. but cannot recall and so this coming spring I am going to grab some and give them a try. I also like the ones that reseed. Have a nice day

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