Christmas writing

Hottie (by Evil Squirrel)

I’m happy to announce that I recently received a gorgeous little holiday card in the mail. Actually, it came within another traditional Christmas card, so I got two cards for the price of one! The traditional card will join the collection of others I tack around the entryways in the house. But my special little holiday card will remain within sight, here at my computer desk, to remind me of special blogging friends and why one in particular created evil squirrels.

About 20 other lucky bloggers will get a chance to blog about their hand drawn and colored 2014 Holiday Card (please visit the link, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the artwork!). Each of us got a different named character, drawn on a 3×5 card. Hottie came in today’s mail. As you can see in the drawing she’s sitting on a rock, pondering as the sun sets behind some distant mountains. She’s probably thinking about and longing for Pepé Le Pew. I think I’ll play a song for her, maybe the Skunk Blues in E-minor, she’d like that, don’t ya think?

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

6 replies on “Hottie (by Evil Squirrel)”

I can assure you that Skunk Blues In E-Minor does not sound anything like Mr. Wainwright’s work. It has a stinky folky bluesy sound that’d stop a skunk dead in its tracks!

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