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I’m not much into statistics, of any kind. I don’t care how many views or likes or comments or follows or whatever else, I get here or on any of my other social networking sites. It just doesn’t interest me to know that kind of stuff. That’s why you’ll not see my “Annual Report from WordPress,” the “Your 2014 in blogging” review thing that a lot of you are posting. I’m pretty sure I posted mine last year, and it didn’t interest me then. So, why post it again? I’m almost certain none of you are interested in my boring blogging stats.

Instead I’ll just say Goodbye to 2014 and leave it at that. I’ll not list any stuff I did or didn’t get done, or any losses or gains, all that stuff is boring too. What matters most is to say that I lived and breathed, and I’m thankful for another year I got to do that. If the good Lord sees fit to allow me to do that much again in 2015, I’ll be satisfied.

I’ll leave 2014 and enter 2015 with a guitar pick in my hand, ready to play. I hope y’all are listening!

More music in 2015!!
More music in 2015!!

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

16 replies on “Goodbye!”

I didn’t post mine either. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would be interested in it, however, for reasons I do not understand, I enjoyed looking at everyone else’s. Happy New Year!

The music scene is happenin’ (or so I hear) right here in S. Illinois. It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to Nashville, and the fans are very supportive. If your band travels, you might consider making your way down here. We have two guest rooms! Happy New Year, TC, and keep on breathin’ and playin’.

“how many bloggers can fill the Sidney Opera House” kind of reminds me of that Beetle’s tune, “now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.” I agree. This is boring. On the other hand, if I had really high statistics, maybe I’d sit up and pay notice. But I doubt anyone else would care. Have a nice New Year, TC, and keep playing on!

I won’t be posting mine, either. I mean, how many times can bloggers fill the Sidney Opera House??? Answer: A lot. I’ll leave it at that!

Happy New Year, TC. It’s been nice reading you these last couple of weeks!

Well, what can I say, TC? I do plan to post my year in review post tomorrow with a bunch of stats on it, as I am into statistics and I do sort of pay at least some attention to that sort of things. I love numbers almost as much as I love words.

But, that said, I do wish you a very happy new year and I hope that next year at this time you’ll be sitting with guitar pick in hand saying that you’re once again thankful that you lived and breathed another year.

I’ve tried to have an interest in them, but keep missin something. I could take a statistics course at the local community college, do you think that’d help?

It might help if you have an interest in statistics or in maybe analyzing what your WordPress stats mean (assuming they’re relatively accurate). But if you don’t, why bother?

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