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Go with the flow, uphill and down

I’m always thrilled when my band packs them in! Take this past Friday night at a local dining spot in downtown Mercer, PA.

J. Hick’s on the Square is managed by Jim Hicks, a fellow musician turned restauranteur. Jim refurbished the place about a year ago and it’s turning out to be one of the better spots in the area for great food, craft beer, and live music of every flavor. Mandolin Whiskey had the pleasure of providing an evening of acoustic rock/folk/bluegrass music the other night and we were thrilled to see a crowd so large that there was hardly anyplace for them to sit, or stand!

I wish I had a nice, clear video to share here but we’ve not taken the time to make one. For the past three or four years we’ve just been goin with the flow. Instead, here’s a few photos of the band and me.




2014-07-05 08.30.19




By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

11 replies on “Go with the flow, uphill and down”

thinking of you today TC (cos you tagged me on that holiday tag for groundhog day before – which still means a little bit to me) – and at least you got some pictures – I love the last one most – but glad u packed them in. Hopefully I can see the band play live sometime – 🙂 and best wishes on your tests amigo – (Philippians 4:13) have a nice week and happy groundhog day

I’ve had two tests so far, 92% on one and 93% on the other. There’re about 8 tests in all so we have 6 more to take. High test scores give you a better chance of a good schedule, schedules are bid on and those that’ve done well on tests, participated in class discussions, and haven’t missed any days of training will have a good chance of getting a schedule they picked that works best for them. I need a schedule that won’t interfere with scheduling band gigs, and that means working Monday thru Friday, on a daylight schedule. 😊

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