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What’s wrong with Socialism?

a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

via socialism definition – Google Search.

Is it such a bad idea? I’m not so naive to think it’s a cure-all for the woes of our government, but with so many dissatisfied customers you’d think they’d have made some prominent changes by now. It’s kind of surprising to me that whenever I mention anything about socialism, even just saying the word, there’s a huge negative reaction, people automatically think I want a socialist government. They associate socialism with Communism and Marxism, which in turn gives people the impression that I want everything given to me. They think I’m lazy, don’t have a job, on welfare, and shop at Walmart in my PJs.

I’ve been a dissatisfied voter/citizen since I was old enough to vote. Why? It’s not because I think everything should be handed to me without any effort on my part. It’s not because I haven’t worked since leaving home when I was 17. It’s not because I think I should have more stuff than you, or that I want what you have. Why am I dissatisfied? I’m dissatisfied because life isn’t fair. And life isn’t fair because I think it was meant to be unfair. I also think that because I live in a country that gives me the freedom to do what I please, I can create fairness in my own life.

Since it can be an epic struggle to attain fairness, I certainly believe that receiving help from time to time, is a good thing. So far, thanks to family and friends, I’ve not needed any help from the government. But to say that just because someone needs such help makes that person a lazy good-for-nothing bum is a bit cruel. Unfortunately there are millions of Americans who think just that.

There are also millions of Americans who think you’re a freeloader if you mention anything positive about socialism. Why are we so closed-minded about certain things that make us uncomfortable? Why can’t there be positive dialog without vicious attacks on one’s character?

Life isn’t fair, but is that reason enough to be assholes mean to each other?!?


By TC Conner

Freelance writer/photographer, musician, husband and father.

4 replies on “What’s wrong with Socialism?”

I think you’re making a huge leap in ill-logic here that anyone who disagrees with or dislikes socialism is an a-hole. Yes, there are many loud and obnoxious critics of it just as there are many loud and obnoxious proponents. The quieter, more thoughtful voices tend not to be heard. Thank heavens for literature. Have you read Orwell’s Animal Farm lately?

Hey W2W!! It’s been a while since we’ve talked! And I really appreciate your input on this subject! I made a minor edit to what I said, but along those same lines….sometimes a little “ill-logic” is necessary to hammer home a point. Of course I didn’t aim to call everybody assholes. 🙂

And no, I haven’t read “Animal Farm,” but did read Orwell’s “1984” in high school English. I should read “Animal Farm,” and “1984” again.

A democracy in nature is supposed to be “socialist” to a degree. In order to stay sane and well happier, I try to avoid politics and negative news. The benefits of the typical Scandinavian/ European “Socialism” are great and have functioned rather well, however they are not without their “bottom feeders” taking advantage of what they shouldn’t. But that’s irrelevant to why it’s difficult for socialism to exist in the USA. The reality is those groups will and do exist in most non communist dictator countries.. and frankly it’s difficult to avoid.

The simplest reason to answer why it’s unlikely/difficult to establish socialism in the USA is economics & regulation. And the socialism that we do have is on a micro/ poorly known scale. Free museums, libraries, and other free activities that aren’t largely mentioned or advertised.

These may be jumbled thoughts but the simple economics of earnings, inflation, and taxation make it very difficult to establish.

When capitalism controls politics, democracy/socialism take a back seat.

As far as peoples reactions to the subject, that’s the standard on most political topics. It’s generally aggressive misinformed banter.. hence why I usually avoid the topic :p.


Hey dinner4oneblog, thanks for the reply, it’s much appreciated. I certainly agree with what you stated. “Aggressive misinformed banter,” a most excellent choice of words there! 🙂

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