Two Thousand Sixteen

Two Thousand Fifteen ended with two personal health dilemmas being carried into Two Thousand Sixteen; one I had no control over, the other is mostly controllable. Let’s get the ugly one out of the way first.

Sometime during 2015, a mole/wart/skin anomaly appeared on the upper thigh of my left leg. I didn’t give it much thought and figured it’d eventually go away. But instead, it decided to evolve into an ugly looking wrinkled knob, about 1/4 inch around. It didn’t hurt, but it sure was annoying when I put on my tighty whities!

My wife scolded me for not getting it looked at before it started evolving. And after a few weeks of being a scaredy-cat, I decided it’d be best to have it examined. I called the local Veterans Clinic and made an appointment to have some pictures taken and sent to Pittsburgh for evaluation. My timing to have all this done was awful; it was Christmastime, but I decided not to let that spoil my holiday.

A week went by without hearing any news, then it was time for my annual physical on December 28. I asked my doctor to look at the ugly thing that I thought was a mole, he had gotten the results back from the pictures which didn’t reveal anything other than a need for further evaluation by a dermatologist. This was quite unsettling, especially after researching squamous cell carcinoma, because I thought my skin anomaly was a mole. An appointment was made for December 30 and on that day I had it examined, sliced off and sent it for a biopsy. My band Mandolin Whiskey had a New Year’s Eve gig and I played while suffering a very sore thigh wound!

Until this morning’s phone call from the dermatologist at 9:05 I had been very anxious, thinking that the mole was cancerous, but much to my relief it turned out to be nothing more than an inflamed wart. Now I’m just waiting for the wound to heal, which is something like a knee or elbow scrape you’d get from a hard slide on concrete or pavement. I’d like to thank God for answering a scaredy-cat’s prayer, it seems trivial now, but it was quite alarming for me.


The other health issue isn’t as scary because I’ve conquered it once before. I’ll keep it short – I need to start watching my diet and weight again: The start for a healthier Two Thousand Sixteen has begun in earnest. I’m back on the “dreadmill” and I’m counting the calories, which unfortunately means that I must limit my craft beer drinking, I know there’s some good low-cal IPAs out there somewhere. Let us all strive to be more health-conscious this year.

I’m also feeling a need to write more. After all, I am a writer.

By TC Conner

Freelance writer/photographer, musician, husband and father.

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