Writing for me, not you

What does it mean to be alive? For most of us it probably goes something like this: work, eat, sleep, wake up, repeat. Having been alive for almost 60 years, I’ve come to the conclusion that I haven’t really been ALIVE. I’ve not published a book, recorded a song, or jumped out of an airplane. I haven’t caught a record bass, made a hole in one, or cooked a 5-course meal. I’ve not been to England, haven’t run a 5-K or kissed a movie star. I haven’t seen my ideal weight since I was 17-years old, I haven’t been on ancestry.com, I’ve not gone surfing. I haven’t accomplished very much to speak of, the exception being the four children I fathered.

I’ve been reading “You Are A Writer (So Start Acting Like One)” an ebook by Jeff Goins,  he says that he didn’t start to feel like a writer until he started writing for himself. He said:

Believe you already are what you want to be. And then start acting like it.

If I’m to believe that I am already a writer Goins says I must first learn to write for myself, not for you the reader. By that, he means that I should never write for the sole purpose of pleasing anyone other than myself.

 Stop writing for accolades, and start writing for passion.

It sounds simple, but what if I don’t have that passion? Is passion for writing learned? Shouldn’t I already be passionate about writing? Or passionate about playing the guitar? Am I a passionate gardener? I love to write, play guitar and garden, but am I passionate about doing those things? What does it mean to be passionate about something and how do you get passionate about it if you’re sure you’re not feeling passion? Are there people that are passionate about being alive?

An intense desire and enthusiasm for something.

You can define passion but how do you develop it for something? Am I not really alive because I’m not living a passionate life or have intense desire or enthusiasm for something? I wonder what I would score if I took a passion test? What would the criteria be for such a test? How are desire and enthusiasm measured? If I’m enthusiastic about gardening, playing guitar and writing but don’t feel the desire to do those things, does that mean I have no passion for them?

Maybe passion is overrated.

6 thoughts on “Writing for me, not you

  1. You need to write for you. Your thoughts,feelings,perspectives are unique , and isn’t that the purpose? To share your unique questions, thoughts and perspective of your life that others may or may not relate to, but are interested in seeing another persons take on life? I want someone to challenge me, make me think, and often its things I would rarely consider until someone else poses it. With regard to passion, my personal belief, its like a ocean tide. Its comes in strong waves at times, retreats quietly and than reappears. Did you loose your passion during the change of tides? I don’t think so. I think life is made up of so much, that you may get distracted and forget the tides keeping changing, but your enthusiasm for the beach and it tides, will bring you back to your passion. Passion is ( in my very humble opinion) very individual and therefore some people may believe they live and passionate life, and others, may not see that same life as passionate at all?? Write about what you do want to accomplish, whether simply, strange, funny or a common bucket list goal. I think anyone who takes the time to ponder this, has a passion for life. Just my opinion:)

    • There are some very personal passions that if made public would probably create quite a backlash! I know overcoming the fright of unexpected consequences is a huge hurdle!

  2. I have to say, writing for yourself does seem like the way to go. I love it when I write a line and make myself laugh out loud…or stop and go, whoa. If your writing makes you do that, it has to make others do it…or screw um if it doesn’t.

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