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Well pee and poo on you!!

I don’t really feel the need to weigh in on the issue of who gets to pee or poo where, but I know a few folks who’re worrying about it so I thought I’d address one or two of their concerns here.

Concern No. 1) I don’t want anyone who is not the same sex as I am in a public restroom with me.   gender-neutral-bathroom

I say: Whether you realize it or not, it’s probably been happening for many years. So, just pretend that everything is just the way it’s always been and you’ll be fine.

Concern No. 2) Allowing transgendered folk to use the public restroom of their choice will result in more cases of child molestations.

I say: Stereotyping transgendered people as sexual predators is an unfounded phobia.

Concern No. 3) God created a man as a man and a woman as a woman. Anything besides that is an abomination.

I say: Judging others is the abomination.

trans-fbFinal thoughts….

There are so many things that are far more important to be focusing on. Like being good to each other, giving to those that are less fortunate, volunteering your time for community projects or at local nursing homes visiting with elders, writing poetry, learning to play the guitar, or teaching someone to play, the list is endless.


By TC Conner

Freelance writer/photographer, musician, husband and father.

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