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The only thing that stays the same is change.

I am the lead/rhythm guitarist in two popular local bands. I enjoy playing in both very much, and as we move into the summer months both bands are playing quite often, one of the bands will sometimes have two gigs every weekend. Up until recently, I was quite satisfied with how everything was going. But then something happened that changed the dynamics.

I can’t go into very much detail yet as I am still waiting for the change to present itself (I can’t be certain that it will until it actually happens). And because I’m not the harbinger of that change I can’t do anything but wait.

If this transformation should take place there is very little I can do to alter its course and even if I could steer it in another direction I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t. But I will certainly continue doing what I love no matter what the outcome.

It’s said that change is the only thing that stays the same, I find that to be quite accurate and have never really wanted to see it any other way.

Two Guys in Gettysburg

By TC Conner

Freelance writer/photographer, musician, husband and father.

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