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More specifically, Saturday, May 12, at approximately 2:00pm. It was probably a normal day for most Americans, except for one young lady and me. Of course, I had no clue what was going on, I can’t speak for my mother either, but I think she might’ve been a little excited. But by the time I came along she had already birthed three kids, perhaps she knew what to expect.

What was happening around the country the year I showed up?

The average cost of a house was $12,000. Monthly rent averaged around $90.Yearly wages averaged $4,450. A new car would set you back a whopping $2,000! And with the cost of gas averaging around 22 cents a gallon you could probably drive coast to coast on a couple tanks of gas while listening to Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel on the radio.

I think it’s very interesting that at the same time I came along IBM introduces the first hard drive computer – the IBM 305 RAMAC. Maybe that’s why I’ve always loved technology. Weighing in at around one ton and measuring 16 square feet it was a behemoth of a machine! Today’s smartphones have a thousand times more computing power! As Spock would say: “Fascinating.”

Fast forward 17 years to 1973, I’m in boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois, preparing for a 6-year stint in the United States Navy. I’m still a kid and don’t realize or care what course I’ve set for myself.

Another 17 years into the future and a 34-year old young man still doesn’t seem to realize or care what course he’s on. And by the time he’s 51 he begins to understand that the map he’s been following has led him on a journey that has no specific destination.

12 years later and I feel like I’m still using the same map I had when I was 17. Following a course that crisscrosses here and there and doubles back to a new starting point that really isn’t all that new, just different.

Pick a year, any year, 1956 was mine. But I didn’t get to choose it, had I been able to would I have chosen 1856? 1756? 2056? Some folks believe we are all predestined to follow a specific path, I’m not too keen on that belief myself. Take a look at my roadmap thus far and you can understand why.

By TC Conner

Freelance writer/photographer, musician, husband and father.

7 replies on “1956”

Enjoyed your 1956 post here – read it earlier and came back while logged in to leave a comment

I enjoyed how you mused over the years in chunks – it had a calmness to the reflecting – funny how a post can briefly cover 63 years and be done so well.
And happy belated birthday

It was March 30th, 1980 for me. I don’t remember nothin about it, but I’m sure you and mom do and did. Seems like I’ve settled on the same course you took. Started dating a young gal on June 9th, 1997, and married’er on July 4th or 2000. It’s funny that the date was Independence Day, but was claiming dependence. Fast forward to December 22nd, 2003 and I brought my first and only child into the world. I don’t remember what I was expecting, but I know that it was love at first sight. Fast forward to a year later and I’m single again, living with my grandparents, still not knowing what I want to do. April 6th, 2010, I started dating a pretty blonde hair blue eyed girl that I’d wind up marrying. August 2nd, 2019, I’m sittin on the toilet at work replying to this blogger who I’ve now called Dad for the past 39 years, wondering what my next move will be.

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