They Say

I’ve been told that quickly adopting a new pet after the loss of an old one can help heal heartbreak, I lost my Simba on September 24 and the thing is I don’t want to quickly deal with the loss, it would diminish all Simba meant to me. I now know what everyone has been telling me in comments on all my social media sites: pets become family, they are no longer just animals, they are as real (sometimes even more so) as any human family member. Simba showed me that for the first time, he found a place in my heart that I never knew existed.

Yes, he was a scraggly looking stray when he first showed up, but there were no signs of him being feral, he warmed up to me almost immediately, and I to him. I’ve never experienced a human relationship like that!

Simba found me, I didn’t find him. I hope he sends word to another like him from his final resting place over the Rainbow Bridge. Until then I’ll be hoping to be found again. I love and miss you terribly my Simba.

By TC Conner

Freelance writer/photographer, musician, husband and father.

8 replies on “They Say”

great photo of simba and best wishes to you as you adapt to the loss.
CS Lewis once said that when we have this loss it is not what we “get over” – it is something that we get used to and move forward by adapting and adjusting to the new normal without the loved one. He gave the example of someone with loss of a limb – they need to adapt without it –
and for me – the loss of our dog Cody was the hardest – vet thankfully the first month was the hard time and after that I really was okay with it – but he was so healthy and so it was unexpected – it would have been different if he was aging and we had more time to prep.
anyhow, do what you need to for you – and just do not let your grief become “complicated grief” – because that is serious shit and can take someone down.
A long time ago I heard a lady speak about how you gave herself so many days to grieve and then made herself detach – than revised it. and hey what ever works – but do make sure you monitor how you are doing – it is such a sensitive time

Thanks for the kind words Prior! They mean a lot. I have to pull myself away from staring at his photos because I tear up almost instantly. Simba was completely healthy as far as I knew, and as you said that’s what makes a sudden death so hard to accept.

But remember that God knows all – not sure if you are a person of faith so I will not preach! I promise – but I saw the best comic recently –
it was the pearly gates and some old guy was there ready to go in heaven.
and from snide heaven came this dog running – and the guy at the gate (maybe Peter) told the man that the dog had been waiting 50 years for him to arrive (get it – cos pets’ lives are so much shorter than ours – their only flaw) anyhow, I imagine Cody on my welcome team – but even still – the 12 years I had him bring smiles now because he made me better.

and on the photo note – I had two photos of our former dogs on the French cabinet and my hubs asked me to take the recent one down – it was too close to the grief – but the one of them as pups did not bother him so that stayed – and I love his tenderness – because TC – you are so right – these are family members
peace to you

Yes, I’m a person of (Catholic) faith. But that has diminished over the years, the reason why is a topic I’ll not go into because it disgusts me! Your “comic” story made me smile, thank you!

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