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Long Time Since….

February?! Six months since my last post! There’s just no excuse for it, NONE!

I really need to get serious about writing again. Like I was in college for term papers. I know there’s a method I could use, a date I could set, a time, to JUST DO IT! Like now!

In February I wrote that we (my wife and I) had tested negative for Covid. Shortly after getting tested, the vaccines became available and we were both vaccinated. The vaccines have contributed to the division of our country. Sad but true.

A little over half of the US population are fully vaccinated and I struggle to understand why so many Americans are choosing not to be. I hear numerous reasons: the vaccines are not fully approved, we don’t know the long-term effects, and a few reasons that are so far-fetched I’m not even going to list them.

I knew that a booster shot would probably be necessary. And, yes, I’ll get mine when it’s time. And I hope you’ll get your’s too.

There are many other “pandemics” creating division far outside the borders of our country. And I’m starting to see things unraveling. How long will it take before the whole Ball Of Yarn unravels?

I’ll try hard not to let The Unraveling unravel me. But I know we’re not in complete control and I have confidence that He knows what He’s doing.


By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

6 replies on “Long Time Since….”

Understood. I haven’t thought of Doobsters since I don’t remember when! And yes indeed I’m still playin music! I started a YouTube channel back in March and I sometimes do a video of myself singing and playin. I’m not a soloist though, and I just have my YouTube channel for fun, not to make any money. 😎🎸😎

hi TC
Love the ending of the post because we find our comfort in knowing that Gid is fully in control –
And trust He always has been – and this country has very diverse people and part of that melting post includes different opinions .

I just heard a chuck swindoll lesson about how we need to yield to god’s leading and not always truck ahead –
And just some food for thought – remember during the days of blood letting the people who challenged it were criticized – and there were times that wounds were left uncovered because they firmly believed wounds needed to ooze (and an example is how Henry 8 became more infected from such practices) and so if anyone is not so easily on board with what is called a COVID vaccine (which is not a true vaccine / as explained recently on the Joe Rogan podcast – it is gene stuff and requires so called boosters) and so anyhow – if folks want to know more about what is injected in their body and not just take Big Pharma’s and the business model of drugs that has our America in the lower rind for health and healthcare – why do we not give them their space?
I don’t want to rant here – but email me if you’d care to talk about this more –

Hmmm, didn’t the polio vaccine start out the same way as present day Covid vaccines (or “not a true vaccine” as you put it). Nobody was turning that vaccine down. I get the feelin you’re not vaccinated for Covid 19 and don’t want to be?

It was nice to check in briefly and don’t want to talk anymore about that topic
On a more lighter note you always remind me of the Doobsters and I wonder what he is up to- ya know ?
And hope you are still playing music ?

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