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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #170: Street Art

I’m old enough to remember when “graffiti” was highly frowned upon. Now days in some instances it’s highly prized. Graffiti, the word itself, has earned a new meaning – street art.

This large street art mural is on the side of a building in Pittsburgh, PA.

A closer view of the street art mural.

This young lady posed for me in front of street art painted on a concrete wall in Pittsburgh, PA.

This street art on a building in Pittsburgh expresses the discontent of its author quite nicely I think.

If you’re like me and age offers memories of graffiti when it wasn’t street art does it make you wonder why artists are now highly paid for their work on sides of buildings, walls, and whatever other outside canvas they are offered or can find themselves?

Thanks to P. A. Moed for hosting this weeks LAC, visit her site for another interesting take on street art (graffiti?).

By TC Conner

Pro hobbyist photographer, drone enthusiast, musician, husband and father.

9 replies on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #170: Street Art”

Like you TC I remember when it was “graffiti” and was severely discouraged and frowned upon. I’ve seen many examples that enhanced their surroundings and many others that I really hated. I suppose often times they do make you think but I do still prefer artwork that can be framed. Terrific post

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