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When will it all end?

Another senseless shooting at a college in Arizona today, at least I think it’s senseless, how do I know if it is or not? Maybe the shooter was somehow wronged, wronged so much that the only thing they could do to take away the pain was to lash out. Is revenge justified to such extents? Most, if not all of us would say no. Most of us don’t seek revenge, we just suck it up and say to ourselves “they’ll get theirs someday.”

All of this outlaw gun violence has our country split, divided, torn, and troubled. I’m not advocating more regulations, I think we all know that if some deranged and mentally unstable person/criminal/revenge seeker wants a firearm, they’ll somehow find a way to get their hands on one, regulations be damned! That’s just how it is. And when I hear folks mention that we need to address the shooter not the gun, I’m wondering if anyone really knows how to go about doing that.

I’m inclined to believe what my Momma believed, taken from the Bible, Matthew 24:6 “And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” (KJV) I think all this violence, domestic and international, is a part of the kind of war spoken about in the Good Book. I’m no doomsayer, neither was Mom, but I believe a lot of what the Bible says about such stuff.

My son recently purchased his first gun, a pistol. He’s 22, and had this to say about the problem:

As a gun owner and future concealed carrier, I think guns have their place and can definitely provide protection should the need arise. But that doesn’t mean I think everyone should be armed. Picture a mass shooting in which not only the shooter has a gun, but so does everyone else. Tell me, when people start to draw their guns and shoot, how will they know who the original shooter was? All people will see are other people in the room with guns drawn. Who’s to say they won’t mistakenly shoot at the wrong person.

That’s an excellent point, a pretty much non-arguable one I think. My son’s generation will have a lot to deal with when all us Baby Boomers have moved on. Will they come up with a solution to the deathly dilemma of gun violence against the innocent? I sure hope so!!