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2020 Vision

I know it’s probably been used out the wazoo but for the beginning of this blog entry (and the new decade), there is no better way to title it.

Two thousand twenty is looking to be one of the best years of my 63 spent on this Little Blue Dot. My wife and I have made plans to travel westward come July, beginning in Pennsylvania and ending in Montana, then back to PA. It will be the first time I’ve ever ventured that far from home (not counting my time in the US Navy). We’ve pinned a US map to the kitchen wall and highlighted our route. We’re studying National Park books and watching YouTube videos, particulary for Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Tetons, and Bad Lands National Parks.

She and I agree that instead of our usual summer get away trip to Myrtle Beach, SC or Campbellsville, KY, it’s time to investigate new and exciting places we’ve never been. There are so many beautiful destinations, and we’re having a good time choosing ones we’ll spend the most time at. Those 4 NPs I mentioned above are what we’ve been focusing on.

There’s no telling how many photos and videos I’ll be creating during our two-week trip, and to be honest, I don’t really care. I’ve always enjoyed the editing process so I’m not concerned about that or learning to edit in Lightroom on an iPad Pro, going mobile I guess you could say, something I’m not totally comfortable doing just yet. But hey, they say you’re never too old to learn and 63 3/4 years ain’t really that old is it?

I know there are beautiful destinations in my home states of Kentucky and Pennsylvania, but using that point on the compass labeled “W” and allowing our imaginations to help guide us (and some paper road maps), there are no other summer vaykay plans that could possibly top what she and I have chose to do this summer and I think we’re calling it……


If you have 20/20 vision, you’ll never slip on an in-ground livestock gate.
If you had been on this hill with me in Tennessee we’d both know it was 20/20 vision.
Use your 20/20 vision like this: SOAR!!

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I make stuff up (am I Creative?)

Yes, it’s true. I really do make stuff up. I string words together to enhance my story; hyperbole. The stuff I make up is often quite believable by the general public, so much so that I can sometimes build upon the intitial stuff I made up by adding more made up stuff.

Isn’t that what creatives are supposed to do? I’m pretty sure it is, what I’m a little unclear about is whether or not I’m a creative. Creative: adjective, relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. I consider my hyperbole to be artistic work. Some might disagree, my wife for example, “You’re full of it,” she’ll say upon hearing some of my made up stuff.

I don’t see myself as a creative type, but I suppose I could be one. I wrote an original song that my band plays at gigs, and I’m working on a couple more. I wrote a bunch of original gardening articles for a newspaper and put them in a book, it’s full of original ideas for gardeners.

I’m doing something relating to or involving my imagination just about all the time. But the sparks seem to really fly whenever I’m playing or listening to music, or outdoors with camera in hand. Music and photography; I use them both to produce my artistic works, with a little hyperbole tossed in for good measure. I guess you could say I’m full of it, so perhaps I am a Creative. I’d wager that all Creatives are full of it.

It’s actually not all that bad to be full of it, but you should also know how to make stuff up so that folks can see that you are a true Creative. And don’t forget the creative use of hyperbole, it plays well with your imagination.

I didn’t create the subject, but I did create the composition