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I need your input please

There are many things I’m preparing in order to submit my book proposal to a publisher. One of these items has to do with marketing. I don’t know a lot about personal marketing, or how to sell myself, but I do know how to ask a simple question. Thus the poll box you see below.

I can’t reveal a lot of detail, but my book will feature a prominent aspect of gardening that hasn’t been addressed in quite the way I’ll be addressing it. Suffice to say there’ll be lots of photographs and plenty of my gardening essays with an ample amount of input from average Joe and Jane gardeners like y’all.

I’ll use the results from the poll to help me convince publishers that my book is a good investment. And I thank all of you who decide to click either yes or no.

And in celebration of Catalog Season, I give you this article I wrote for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.