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It’s all in the timing

Firstly, I need to give Dave, over at The Home Garden, a nice THANK YOU! for helping me get my three social media buttons there on the left arranged and in place. Dave also emailed his tutorial explaining how I can do it myself, but first I have to learn stuff like:

  • <table> starts the table </table> closes the table
  • <tbody></tbody> the contents of the table
  • <tr> creates a row </tr> ends the row

It should’t be too hard teaching myself how to do it, but finding the time to do so will take some detailed scheduling.

I’m polishing and adding to Through the Seasons, and still plan on having it available for purchase this spring. Here’s a preview of the front and back cover, clicking on the image allows a larger view.

As spring nears, I’ll give you a sneak peek between the covers at a few of my brother’s wonderful illustrations. I think timing Through the Seasons with The Write Gardener for a spring release is perfect, I’m scheduling talks and lectures now and having a new book available for attendees to purchase will certainly garner more attention for my services.

Check back here from time to time, and visit my Facebook site for regular updates on stuff I’m up to, including things like this: