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As of this writing not much color has leaked into leaves just yet. Trees here in the northeast need to be fed just a little longer by the remaining chlorophyll in the leaves. The fall color map is showing our neck of the woods as being “patchy” for showing any colors of autumn.

My favorite tree for fall color here in the backyard is a native black gum (Nyssa sylvatica) and it usually starts showing off first and then other oaks, maples, and aspens follow suit.

The following photos were taken at various times when the colors of autumn looked as if they had just been mixed and brushed on at the instant I pressed the shutter button.

Thanks to Amy for sponsoring this week’s most colorful challenge!

Black Gum (Nyssa sylvatica)
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Lens-Artists Challenge #166 – Artificial Light

My iPhone 12 Pro used all available artificial light at a concert in Pittsburgh.

The roadies have taken the stage.

That last image was taken at night at a local eatery. I thought the artificial light rays looked cool, almost alien.

Leya’s site is all lit up with artificial light so be sure to stop by and see her interpretation here.