color fall poetry


fallen leaves

naked trees

chilly breeze

long sleeves

pumpkins tease

All Hallows’ Eve.

An autumn tale: Fall. The end.

color fall

Fall with Ginger

Most of y’all know how I am with new technology (especially smart phones), or what some folks call “boy toys.” I got my new toy last March, and didn’t think much about her built-in camera (the “her” I’m referring to is Ginger, my iPhone). I have a Sony Cyber- shot H1 that has performed wonderfully for me over the years, giving me no reason to want a replacement. I’ve found the H1’s 5 megapixels and its 12x optical zoom to be all I need for most of my garden photography. So, I knew I probably wouldn’t be using Ginger’s 3 megapixel built-in camera for much of anything. I was wrong.

I use Ginger’s camera almost daily, actually, it’s more like several times a day. Since I carry her with me at all times, I have access to a camera whenever I see something that needs photographed. And what are the things that I think need photographing? I’m glad you asked!


Donuts or Doughnuts?

I’ve tasted them spelled both ways.



Good cookies!


One of the school bus drivers brought these in to share with us, they were really good!


Frosty tansy.


We’re getting light frosts here now, and I know the hard ones aren’t far behind!


Duct tape.


I didn’t know there were other colors besides gray.


The perfect pond.


I’d love to fish this pond, but never see anyone around that might know who owns it.

The above photos were taken with Ginger’s built-in camera, and I think it has the capability to capture most of the essence of what’s pictured. The photos below are especially nice because they’re part of the special Fall Color Project 2010 that fellow blogger Dave, over at The Home Garden, has been sponsoring since 2008. Click the banner “The 2010 Fall Color Project” at the top of the left-hand column for more. But before you click away from my blog, please stay long enough to see a few of the fall colors from my neck of the woods, I used Ginger’s camera for photographing all you see. (Clicking on the photo will open a larger size for better viewing.)

I pass this driveway on my school bus route.

Thanks Dave, and to all of you, for being with me during the fall color show!