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My 65th Summer

As another year fades into history I wonder how much longer I’ll be around to witness the passing of time. When I think about the end of my life here and what takes place afterwards a BIG question mark pops into my head. And I know, and you do too, that there is only one way to know what happens after we’re gone.

I don’t dwell on the unknown but with each passing year I ponder a little longer on what happens next. If it’s to be believed from what I heard growing up, and if you’ve “been a good boy/girl” all your life, you’ll spend eternity in a place called Heaven where love rules and there is no hatred, meanness, or other “bad” things. If, on the other hand, you’ve “been a bad boy/girl” all your life you spend eternity suffering in a burning fire pit. What if you never heard either of those two options when you were growing up? What happens then?

If you’re in the “good boy/girl” group when you die and you find yourself in Heaven, what goes on there? I can think of lots of good things we do here in this life that I’d like to be able to do in Heaven if that’s where I end up. Are there guitars there? Digital cameras? Computers? Is there sex in Heaven? Or are we somehow transposed and transformed into some other type of being that knows and feels nothing of the life lived before?

I sure hope that I haven’t been so bad in this life as to spend the next one in a burning fire pit! I remember hearing a Pentecostal preacher proclaiming in a sermon that “unless you know Jesus as your personal savior, you will die and burn in a firery pit in Hell.” Hearing this as a little kid really did a number on my head! I know I haven’t been a “good boy” all my life. But I haven’t been all that bad either!

If all the above sounds like existentialism then I guess I might be an existentialist. Because the closer I move toward the end of my existence, the more I wonder if that existence has had any meaning, purpose, or value to anyone but me. Especially in a world that seems to be unravelling more and more with each passing year.

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Something to say

I find it quite difficult to write or blog with any consistency. So when the WordPress AI prompted me to be reminded once a week I checked “ok.” And today is one week since my last post. I have no idea what I’ll write about until I start writing. Ideas pop into my head periodically throughout the day, maybe they’re reminders that I should stop whatever it is I’m doing and write.

Lately it’s been mortality. I’m guessing that’s just what happens when you arrive at a certain point in time, somewhere around age 65 or so. I suspect it’s all part of this thing called “the aging process.” Most of us can’t know when the process will reach its end, only when it begins – at birth. I guess I understand the process for the most part, it’s actually pretty simple: the process of living. It’s the end of my aging process that is very mysterious. A mystery that cannot be known until my process is over, or starts again.