Back to School

Summer is winding down, it will soon be turning much colder, I’m back to driving the school van, and I still haven’t done a Milky Way photo shoot.

My plans to travel west in search of the perfect place will have to wait until next summer. Other things often spring up that take precedence over photoshoots and this year that “other thing” just happens to be our son’s wedding.

I probably could’ve planned a relatively cheap and quick weekend getaway somewhere close but the Milky Way photoshoot I have in mind probably isn’t going to be cheap and quick. There’re lots of great escapes that I know would fit the bill for what I have in mind so I’m probably going to have a hard time choosing.

These United States have many national parks and I’ll just have to buckle down and research as many as possible and choose the one I see that jumps out at me. It must have canyons, waterfalls, mountains, old-growth forests, meadows, creeks, rivers, streams, I could go on and on!

If any of you are into photography like I am, I’d like to suggest a really great alternative to Adobe’s Lightroom Classic photo editing software check out Skylum’s Luminar 3 and I’m certain you’ll see that it’s top-notch. I’ve been using Lightroom for years and I’m just about ready to make the switch!

That’s me below and isn’t that TV screen just lovely? Peace!


I’m hot, you’re hot, everybody everywhere is hot.

I never gave it much attention back when I was a kid. We could hardly wait till school was out and summertime weather meant only one thing: playing outside. All day. Every day.

But now at age 60 and summer temperatures during the day averaging in the high 80s and 90s I don’t want to go outside unless it’s to get the mail. Before I reached 60 (and by the way, 60 IS NOT the new 40!) I told myself that it was supposed to be hot because it was summer, heat and humidity come with it, and I was outside keeping up with chores like mowing and weeding.

Not anymore! The weeds are taking over the garden because I keep forgetting to get mulch (no a/c in my truck!), the mower and trimmer need gas, and did I mention that my truck has no air conditioner? I’ll melt driving it!

Pundits and doomsayers say our world is heating up and unless we make some changes summertime weather is only going to get hotter. I’m not a pundit or doomsayer and I think it’s gotten hotter without us doing anything.

Aging (“getting older” sounds so cruel) brings stark realizations that I didn’t think about when I was 40. 40 WAS the new 20 and I figured I had at least another 40 to go before I needed to start thinking about getting old. It’s a cruel reality that as you age you get older.

I think engineers should design something that allows you to get younger as you age. Or maybe something that allows you stay cooler during summer!