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Talking and writing about talking and writing

Let’s see if I can write two articles at once, multi-task, one here, the other in MS Word (a gardening piece for my weekly newsprint column). Should they both be about gardening so as to make it a bit easier on me? Kind of, I think I’ll write about talking about gardening here; the topic is already set for the other one – starting a new garden.

Over the past several years I’ve given a few lectures, or talks, about garden insects and about gardening in general, the former as The Write Gardener, the latter as a Penn State Certified Master Gardener. On the bug talks, I can ask for a fee, but that’s prohibited when I speak as a Master Gardener. However, MGs are allowed to accept compensation if, and only if, it is offered. I enjoy giving my bug presentations, especially when there’s lots of questions, even questions that I can’t answer (I’m not a know-it-all by any means).

I’ve been using a Power Point presentation with lots of pictures, but only if the facility has access to a projector. Otherwise I use handouts, which is fine, but it seems I have to “work” a little harder to hold my audience’s attention.

I consider myself a rookie speaker, and as such, my fee is embarrassingly low (I’m sure the big name garden lecturers charge hundreds, if not thousands). I should charge more, but with the economy the way it is, and this being a relatively depressed area with a high unemployment rate, I don’t want to overcharge. My wife seems to think I charge a reasonable fee, for now. With time and maybe a published book, I think I could get away with charging a little more.

Here’s one of the photographs I’m using in my presentation. I think it’s a fun picture, don’t you?

The Good, The Bad, and The Bugly

(I didn’t finish the two articles at the same time, but I was close.)