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Something to say

I find it quite difficult to write or blog with any consistency. So when the WordPress AI prompted me to be reminded once a week I checked “ok.” And today is one week since my last post. I have no idea what I’ll write about until I start writing. Ideas pop into my head periodically throughout the day, maybe they’re reminders that I should stop whatever it is I’m doing and write.

Lately it’s been mortality. I’m guessing that’s just what happens when you arrive at a certain point in time, somewhere around age 65 or so. I suspect it’s all part of this thing called “the aging process.” Most of us can’t know when the process will reach its end, only when it begins – at birth. I guess I understand the process for the most part, it’s actually pretty simple: the process of living. It’s the end of my aging process that is very mysterious. A mystery that cannot be known until my process is over, or starts again.

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Long Time Since….

February?! Six months since my last post! There’s just no excuse for it, NONE!

I really need to get serious about writing again. Like I was in college for term papers. I know there’s a method I could use, a date I could set, a time, to JUST DO IT! Like now!

In February I wrote that we (my wife and I) had tested negative for Covid. Shortly after getting tested, the vaccines became available and we were both vaccinated. The vaccines have contributed to the division of our country. Sad but true.

A little over half of the US population are fully vaccinated and I struggle to understand why so many Americans are choosing not to be. I hear numerous reasons: the vaccines are not fully approved, we don’t know the long-term effects, and a few reasons that are so far-fetched I’m not even going to list them.

I knew that a booster shot would probably be necessary. And, yes, I’ll get mine when it’s time. And I hope you’ll get your’s too.

There are many other “pandemics” creating division far outside the borders of our country. And I’m starting to see things unraveling. How long will it take before the whole Ball Of Yarn unravels?

I’ll try hard not to let The Unraveling unravel me. But I know we’re not in complete control and I have confidence that He knows what He’s doing.