See what condition my condition is in

I recently had to start taking blood pressure medication but for years I hadn’t taken anything and have felt just fine. I knew about the adage “the silent killer” but just ignored it and figured that when it was my time to check out I’d rather not know about it beforehand.

But if I could pick the time and place it’d be at one of my favorite breweries, performing with one of the bands I’m in, holding my guitar, singing the original song I wrote: “I Know Where I’m Going.” There’s no way of knowing if it’ll happen like that, but hey, there’s no harm in asking.

My BP appears to be under control now, and along with the medication I’m taking (hydrochlorothiazide) I think it’s also helped that I’ve begun to take charge of my temper. Do I have complete control yet? No, but it’s kind of easier done than said when you have a general idea of what ticks you off because you can kind of catch it before you lose it.

I think there’s too much anger in the world today and if everyone would try to rein in their tempers like I’ve been doing we’d probably get along with each other a little better. I should’ve started harnessing mine a long time ago!


Getaway weekend

I’m sure everyone has time for one or more a year. If you don’t, you need to start making time. They can revitalize, reinvigorate, restore and refresh, they can rekindle, reconnect, and can pretty much give you a complete makeover. You need them so try to do all you can to have them. And they don’t have to be expensive.

cannon_leaf_instagramWe had one this past weekend, two destinations that provided two different restorations of body, mind, and soul for two people. She and I experienced them together, as husband and wife, but each place we visited brought feelings and emotions that are separate and unique to us as individuals. I can’t tell you what she felt inside, but I’ve known her long enough to understand that such weekends are vitally important to her and to her well being.


longwood_ortonWe also understand that sometimes it’s okay to have a weekend getaway by ourselves or with a friend. The important thing to remember when this happens is although you aren’t together physically, you cannot be separated emotionally, because that’s one of the mysteries of how love works.


Version 2I’m not a native Pennsylvanian, so when it’s time for one of my weekend getaways without my wife, I travel a little over 500 miles south to Kentucky. It’s a trip I’ve been taking many years, starting in 1988 when I first moved from there. I have brothers and sisters in Kentucky, a son and daughter, and two grandchildren.

I urge you to make time for weekend getaways on a regular basis. You’ll be glad you did!