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Thursday Thoughts

I’ve had two occupational therapy sessions on my finger this week, one hour at each session, one session Tuesday and one today, Thursday. There’s a lot of bending going on at these sessions and it is quite painful. But I know I must endure it so I can get back to holding my pic and strumming my 6-string again!

I think the healing is coming along fine, the scab is gone revealing a reddish pink scar. The surrounding skin is also reddish, caused by the bending at my therapy sessions. Today the therapist said it was looking just fine as he proceeded to bend my finger down towards the palm of my hand. I grin and bear it, and it helps that my therapist is into flower gardening and grows raspberries as well. We chat about gardening as the pain increases.

We talked about weeding today, a favorite chore of every gardener I’m sure. I should weed more, but not right now, my finger is still healing!

The surgeon avoided my bass clef tattoo completely!

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Under the Knife

It will be the first time and compared to other injuries I think it’s minor. Right after it happened my first reaction was, of course, to look at it. It was at that precise moment that I knew it wasn’t just a scratch.

My wife knew that it required an emergency room visit and I reluctantly agreed. After a lengthy 5 1/2 hour wait I found out exactly how bad it was; it would need the attention of an orthopedic surgeon.

I’m a musician and I play lead and rhythm guitar in a couple of local bands and an injury like mine can cause an undue amount of stress. Not to mention the jitters one might get when they find out they need a CT scan and surgery.

And yet, I keep thinking of how minor it is compared to what others have had to endure. Even when told that I need to be extremely careful with my injury because of a higher threat of infection, due to my age I guess.

Surgery will take place on Wednesday, September 15. If all goes well and I’m able, I will play guitar with my band on the following Saturday at a local eatery. If I can’t play, I at least hope to be there to hear them without me. I’ll consider it a treat to be a listener and will certainly be enjoying a cold New England IPA or two.

The Culprit
The Injured Finger (Shortly after being examined by the hand surgeon)
A New England IPA