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Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #169 – The Ordinary

Is this just an ordinary sink? Or does it creep you out like it does me and bring to mind scenes from Stephen King’s horror thriller “The Shining?”

An ordinary hallway in a motel or is there something extraordinary there we can’t see?

Isn’t this out of the ordinary? Or perhaps it’s ordinary discrimination?

Thanks to I. J. Khanewala for this week’s challenge. Head on over to their blog for a glimpse of the ordinary framed differently.

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Lens-Artists Challenge #166 – Artificial Light

My iPhone 12 Pro used all available artificial light at a concert in Pittsburgh.

The roadies have taken the stage.

That last image was taken at night at a local eatery. I thought the artificial light rays looked cool, almost alien.

Leya’s site is all lit up with artificial light so be sure to stop by and see her interpretation here.