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Web presence

I’m tryin to get The Write Gardener’s new website up and running but it’s taking longer than I expected. I’m thinking the new website will have articles, photos, and perhaps a video or three on such topics as gardening, music, poetry, fiction and nonfiction writing, blogging, or in other words all things related to “Life in and Out of The Garden.”

I need to rearrange the way I do things so that I can dedicate the necessary time making (and keeping!) The Write Gardener’s website an enjoyable place for everyone to visit. It should be nothing less. This will be a new endeavor for me and The Write Gardener. It is hoped that y’all will provide a word or two of encouragement, and possibly a suggestion or three if you feel so inclined.

The unofficial start of summer has came and went, but I’m announcing the official start of summer – June 21 – as the debut date of The Write Gardener’s new website.

The Write Gardener’s blog here might be incorporated into the new website sometime in the future.

I believe that life started in a garden and continued onward and outward from there. My aim is to tell others about that journey using words, music, and pictures; the story of Life in and Out of The Garden.



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Sunset or sunrise?

As a boy, I was told clouds are drawin up water when this happens.

How do you think that little clump of daffs got there?

I planted four different varieties of potatoes: Red Pontiac, Yukon Gold, Norkotah, and Kennebec, using the Ruth Stout method.

These are being grown for our upcoming Master Gardener plant sale by a warm and wonderful Amish lady. I wish I could’ve taken her picture too but that’s not allowed.

We still have a movie theater here in rural Western Pennsylvania. The first “monster” movie I saw on the big screen was in a theater similar to the one pictured, the movie was “King Kong” (starring the lovely Fay Wray).