Making music and pictures

Both are near and dear to my heart. I must find a way to combine them so that one enhances the other.

Each will continue on into eternity after my demise. But I don’t want them continuing on apart from each other as they have been.

I will find a way to unite them. And then you’ll see, feel, and hear the magic, the art, the love that is music and pictures.

Fender American Acoustisonic Telecaster Sunburst

Fender Acoustisonic Tele (Sunburst)

Feeling Poetic

Quietly Among the Trees In Wonder

Quietly among the trees in wonder.

I wish this were my fate, ever lonely.

Stoical standing there, never hunger.

Impenetrable leafy canopy.

Midnight moonlight shadows dance on a breeze.

How many stars now since last I counted?

Will there be many other times like these

when I am naturally surrounded?

Nothing may ever lift my spirit more

as this blue sky on God’s golden morning.

Her and I together, no one before.

None since, none after, we each adoring.

As one it was at first in the Garden,

as now I finally gain Her pardon.