spring winter

The Wait

It’d not be a stretch to say that waiting for spring’s arrival is agonizing. Especially if you’re an avid gardener! It’s made even more agonizing by the frigid weather we’ve had here in the northeast. Temperatures well below zero with wind chills dipping to -30! I wonder how I’d survive if such weather lasted longer than a couple of days? Folks further north up into Alaska and Canada have long stretches of frigid weather and survive, maybe I could tough it out here if I had to.

I live an hour north of Pittsburgh and a garden writer friend of mine there says his hellebores (lenten rose) are starting to bud out. I can’t even get to the leaves on mine yet, they’re still covered with snow. I could probably brush the snow away and do some clipping. But I’ll wait, it’s still too cold and I’m a weenie when it comes to being outside when temperatures aren’t above 35 degrees or more!



Blogger or WordPress?

I made the decision some time back to switch from Blogger to WordPress, and I’ve been pleased with that decision. For the most part. The ad restriction thing here on WordPress bothers me, and I sometimes wonder had I stayed strictly with Blogger and my ads there, would I have generated any income from them? Since I abandoned my “a pamphleteer of The Write Gardener” blog on Blogger, I don’t post there anymore. But I’m hearing that Google is about to unveil a completely revamped Blogger user interface and now I’m beginning to think that I should go back “home.”

You never know, maybe I’ll start getting enough traffic that the ads will actually generate some income.

It’s spring, and spring always brings newness.