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You don’t need nothin but an acoustic guitar, a little keyboard, and sister harmonies.  Simply beautiful stuff. 

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Where’s he been??

Over a week without a new post?! What’s gotten into me?? Could it be that the official start (i.e., the 2010 spring equinox) of the gardening season has caused something akin to “A Momentary Lapse of Reason?” It’s entirely possible, and most probable.

It might be appropriate to offer an apology for those who come here and mutter to themselves, “I wish TC would update his blog” and then leave feeling that they just wasted a millisecond or three. I mean I’ve done it and felt exactly the same, not even realizing that they might have a “real” life outside somewhere. It’s like they owe me something new and fresh each time I visit their blog or Web site (speaking of Web sites, mine has an article up that’s been there since last fall!). I’ve got to find a way to incorporate all the time I spend on the Web into the garden lest I be consumed and vanish into virtual reality.

I’ve been tryin to decide if I should start a “The Write Gardener”  YouTube channel (didn’t I just mention something about too much time spent Webbing?). I’ve seen an explosion of gardening videos on the Web over the past couple of years. And you can upload your own for free at more places besides YouTube. But doing so would require the purchase of a new video camera, and of course that cost must be justified beforehand. I would want my videos to be somewhat professional, but still show the “nuts and bolts” stuff of a real garden and what goes on in the life of a gardener (gardening isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle and that should be reflected in any video about gardening I think). If The Write Gardener were to create such a thing, I’m hoping it wouldn’t be too scripted, that’d ruin everything. Anywho, it’s something I’m considering doing that might be kinda fun. Do y’all watch gardening videos at any of the blogs you visit? A lot of them are short and quite entertaining.

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