What’s a dad to do for a scaredy-cat daughter away at college? The problem is a batty bat that keeps finding its way into the house where she and three other scaredy-cats are living. I’m trying to hold my ground and not run to her rescue, but it’s getting harder because this is the second time it’s happened. How would I feel if I got a phone call from the authorities telling me that my daughter had been ferociously attacked by a tiny mammal no bigger than a mouse? She’s 20-years old, taller than me at around 5’8″ or 5’9″, has played softball with a vengeance, babysat a rambunctious toddler numerous times, watches scary movies of all sorts, and yet is terrified by a little bat, as is her other three roommates, I don’t understand it.

Something in me says I should go there right now and capture the poor little terrified creature (no, not my daughter) and release it outside. I’m almost certain it’s a Little Brown Bat, the most common species here in North America. They need all the help we can give them, what with the White Nose Syndrome fungal disease they’ve been plagued with for years, Little Brown’s dine on large quantities of mosquitoes, and they also do their fair share of pollinating at night. I can’t see killing even one needlessly.

I’m afraid if I don’t do something to help the little guy escape the confines of that house, those girls might injure, or possibly kill it, unwittingly or not. I told my daughter to Google “How to catch a bat flying around my room,” I’m hoping she and those three other scaredy-cats will get up enough courage to safely and harmlessly trap the little bat and release it outside. If all else fails, I guess I can make the 20 minute drive and rescue the Little Brown Bat myself. Or call Batman!

Will Batman humanely capture and release a Little Brown Bat for my terrified daugther?

Doing things you shouldn’t

We just got back from a week’s stay at a resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. Me, my wife, and two kids (22 and 20, both still like to hang out with their parents, sometimes. I’m ok with that). What can be said about family vacations that you haven’t already heard? Probably not much, but I’ll try. 

Lets start with the weather, we couldn’t have asked for anything nicer. Sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine with temeratures reaching to 90 each day of our stay. It doesn’t get much better than that if you’re at a beach resort. 

Numerous eateries and bars up and down the main drag made it easy to find quality food and of course if you’re beer snobs like us, places with a good selection of craft beer. And no vacation I’m on would be complete unless I found live music by local musicians at a bar somewhere, and I did. It was hard not asking if I could play one or two!

Our week-long stay was made even more special when I was asked to “officiate” a wedding vow renewal ceremony on the beach – my sister-in-law and her husband of 20 years. I was told “Father TC” did a wonderful job. 

I have no regrets upon returning home. And had I not acted like a kid at times (sprinting after a non-makeable return shot while playing ping pong ball on the beach) it would have been an injury free vacation. Resting at home while the swelling subsides and contemplating things I shouldn’t do at my age wraps up an otherwise magnificent family vacation.