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Thursday Thoughts

You think it’ll never happen to you and then it does.

The first red flag was ignored, and by the time the second red flag shot up it was too late.

Luckily the only thing it hurt was my pride. A few dollars lost isn’t all that important.

From now on I will take the first red flag a little more serious!

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Thursday Thoughts

I didn’t give much thought to this post but I’ll try to state one or two anyway.

1. I had the last visit with my orthopedic surgeon today! He said the finger looks good and unless the need arose, I wouldn’t need to see him again. But I will continue to do the bending exercises I’ve been doing for a while longer.

2. I can hold my guitar pick just like before! And with two upcoming gigs I’m sure as hell thankful for that! Along with normal plectrum gripping, I’ve been pressing the shutter button on my camera without any hindrance.

My studio waits patiently for the next recording.