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A Big Loss

I have never ever felt such a hole in my heart like the one I’m feeling now. My beloved feline Simba is gone, I found him lying lifeless on Tuesday morning, September 24. It was more than likely heart failure, sudden, and without warning. I’m not one to cry, but tears flowed freely off and on for several days. 

Simba came to me, I had no part in his being here, he must’ve known what I’d do, what else could I do? It was late March, temperatures at night were in the 20s and 30s, he made his appearance on the back porch, almost nightly before I knew he aimed to get a bite to eat. So we left food, and water for the skinny and brawny but handsome young man.

A trip to the local vet was scheduled and after a few more days and nights of free dinner and a warm cloth-filled box to sleep in, I finally lured Simba into a pet carrier. Suprisingly, he didn’t get very upset about being caged. I felt like he kind of knew it was going to be alright  and that I would take care of him. And so I did. 

What a short but love-filled life he had! Simba created a place of his own in my heart, and he will live there now, never to be forgotten. 

Rest in peace Simba, you gave me something that no human could have! I love you and miss you terribly.


A preview

I’m tackling a couple of writing projects. One is a lengthy piece of fiction that you can read an excerpt from here, the other is a shorter work, geared for children (of all ages?). I only got one response for feedback on the excerpt but was hoping for a little more noise. So, if you’ve got a few minutes, go back and read the excerpt and leave a comment, I’d appreciate it!

Maybe this next piece will generate a louder hum from some of you. Please, PLEASE leave a comment and tell me if you think short stories and pictures like the one below will attract and hold the attention of children. I know there’re a few parents here so I encourage you to comment, if you have young-uns there, by all means let them read it. Teachers? Aunts? Uncles? Comments from anyone are welcome!

O for Octopus

Overnight I seemed to have grown an extra set of arms. But then I realized I was an octopus and it was perfectly normal to have 8 arms. The next day I began thinking that since I had 8 arms I would need 8 legs too, and 8 of everything else. Including eyes, 8 of them would make seeing things a lot easier. And 8 ears, with 8 ears I would be able to hear things that I had never been able to hear before. And how much better would my sense of smell be with 7 more noses? And 8 mouths! I am sure that having 8 mouths would make each meal so much more tastier!

No other octopus would be like me. They would all want 8 of everything too. But they would not have 8 legs, or 8 eyes. No other octopus but me would have 8 ears, 8 noses, and 8 mouths. I would be famous! Every octopus in all the oceans would want to be like me. They would want to see me, they would want to know how they could get 8 legs, 8 eyes, 8 ears and 8 noses and 8 mouths. Hundreds and hundreds, probably thousands of octopuses would want me to tell them how they could be like me.

But I wouldn’t tell them how I got 8 of everything. No. They would beg me to tell them, NO! I would shout. I am not telling you! And then when all the other octopuses began to cry because I wouldn’t tell them how to have 8 of everything like me, when they started to cry like little baby octopuses cry when their daddies spank them, when they were all crying so loud that it made my 8 ears hurt, I still wouldn’t tell them. NO!  


If only one out of all those hundreds, one out of thousands, if only one out of 9 billion crying octopuses said: “I don’t want to be like you. I don’t want 8 legs, or 8 ears, or 8 noses, no, not even 8 mouths. All I want is what I have.” If one octopus said that, I would cut off my 8 legs, I would pull out 6 of my eyes, I would cut off 6 ears, I would cut off 7 noses and 7 mouths. After I did that I would be very happy to be just me again.