Where have I been?

I’m so mad at myself for not writing! I used to look forward to writing my weekly gardening articles but since losing that gig several years ago I’ve quit writing, period!

I said above that I quit writing period, but that’s not correct, I continue to write music, mostly melodies, some short, some long, and some with words. I record them on my iPhone.

I hope to end this “not writing words for my website” syndrome very soon! If you have ever experienced this syndrome please leave a comment and explain your cure.


Reading writing


Do you have one or two things, or routines, that you do on a regular basis? For example, my morning routine: wake up to music at 5:50 AM, put my jammies on (I sleep naked if you’re wondering, if you weren’t wondering don’t read this parenthetical thought) and proceed downstairs to greet Keurig good morning. While it’s keurilating I wet my hair, and wash my face with a cold wash cloth, yes, I said a cold wash cloth, even in winter, then I use a toothbrush with toothpaste on my tongue and upper roof of my mouth and all around inside. This destroys morning breath and is good oral hygiene. I have been following this same morning routine for as long as I can remember.

Routines can, and in lots of cases do, turn into habits. I read an interesting thing about forming habits, maybe you’ve visited Brain Pickings and saw the piece there too. I read that sometimes it can take up to a year for something to become habitual. And that the harder the task or routine is that you’re attempting to turn into a habit, the longer it takes to become a habit. My morning routine is easy and I bet it wouldn’t take long at all to become habitual for anyone else.

I think it’s odd that forming a bad habit like smoking didn’t take me very long. I guess it was the coolness factor that made it seem like it didn’t take long. I quit the smoking routine in 2003, after about 35 years of nicotine addiction.

I’m trying to establish a writing routine of some sort. Be it songwriting or short fiction pieces, and even a habitual blog post. Something different from my monthly gardening article. Something that you’ll want to read. Something that makes your brain use its dictionary. I think if your brain did that you would probably have to make reading a habit.