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What is your reward?

Last October, after a routine visit to a Veteran’s outpatient clinic about a bothersome ache in my index finger, I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Routine because I wasn’t expecting news about anything other than why my finger was aching. Blood pressure checks are routine and when they checked mine before I talked with the doctor about my finger they noticed it was rather high – around 170 / 90 or so (the bottom number may have been a bit higher, I don’t quite remember).

After checking my finger (which eventually led to an appointment with a specialist about radial tunnel syndrome) the doctor asked about my lifestyle habits and notified me of my high blood pressure. She ordered blood work and sent me home with a blood pressure checker. After a week of monitoring my blood pressure, I saw that something needed to be done! What surprised me was the fact that  I had no clue and didn’t realize that a double, and sometimes triple, whopper with cheese every now and then, and a couple of sugary Ski sodas a day, and chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate was leading to what could turn out to be type 2 diabetes.

Yes, I was a dummy! I should’ve realized what I was doing to myself. I guess that’s why they call it “the silent killer.”

Please do yourself a favor, if you’re not already, and begin watching what you’re eating and limit, or better yet, eliminate all the junk food from your diet! Thank the good Lord I have an exceptionally talented cook for a wife! Without her cooking (and her help monitoring what I ate) I know it would have been a much more difficult struggle for me!

I had a six-month check up the other day and my doctor said I could be a poster child for those wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes! My bad cholesterol plummeted to almost normal levels from last October till now,my blood pressure has returned to almost normal (137/80), and I’ve lost almost 20 pounds (from 186 to 167). All of that without medications! And you can do it too if you’re determined! GET STARTED NOW!!

What’s your reward? Two words: BETTER HEALTH!

The drop!



A pre-diabetic’s confession

I suppose all the years of Ski, Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Barq’s root beer, double and triple cheeseburgers, adding salt unnecessarily, sitting around on my arse hours on end, has finally paid off! Of course it’s not really a beneficial pay off unless you do what I’ve done.

Juicy, sloppy, messy, UNHEALTHY burger!

Last fall I was experiencing a little trouble bending the index finger on my left hand. It got to the point where chording (I’m a working musician) my Martin became painful. I knew it was time to have it looked at, so I made an appointment to see a doctor at the local VA outpatient clinic. Y’all know the routine – before you see the doc, a nurse or an aide takes your blood pressure and asks a bunch of questions about your health history. It was the blood pressure that caught the attention of the nurse who took mine; it was up, around 170 over 90 or thereabouts. After seeing the doctor, I was told that I was pre-diabetic.

Since then I’ve made some major lifestyle changes. I don’t drink any soda, except for an occasional diet drink (which I’ve heard are no more good for you than regular, sweetened soda!), I’ve stopped adding salt to

Baby carrots and hummus
Baby carrots and hummus

everything, I’m eating healthier snacks in-between meals (celery, baby carrots, hummus, nuts, yogurt, apples and other fruits), and thank the good Lord my wife has always been a health-conscious cook so we’re both eating a very healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And I’ve been hitting the “dreadmill”  for a vigorous 30 minute walk.

I’m very proud of the progress I’ve made – WITHOUT MEDICATIONS! Since the end of October, 2013, I’ve lost 17 pounds – from a hefty and unhealthy 186 lbs, to 169 lbs! My blood pressure is down and I feel better than I have in years! I go back to the doctor at the end of March for a check-up. I’m hoping the numbers are pretty close to where they should be for a 57-years young, red-blooded, Kentucky bornt and raised, American male!