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Something for Nothing

It seems a lot of folks want something for nothing. After a recent garden lecture, I offered my booklet for sale, cheap! No one bought one. But I was duped into giving one away.

While I was packing all my stuff, I asked folks one last time if they wanted a copy of my book, I heard a faint “yes, I want one.” So, I autographed and signed the book, but when I asked for the money, she held her palm up in the “high five” position, and that was what she paid. What could I do? Nothing, I had already wrote her name on it, To:  and I wasn’t about to beg her for the money in front of everyone there. It’s not that I’m bothered by not selling any books, it’s the fact that some folks are so stingy that they always want something for nothing.

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I said I’d give you a glimpse of several of my brother’s sketches that I’m using in Through the Seasons, so here they are (click on the image for a larger view): 

I’ll be sure to keep updating with progress reports on Through the Seasons with The Write Gardener, as of now, I’m still on schedule for publication in late March. More of Don’s wonderful illustrations are being added, and I’m workin on a “goofy glossary,” and possibly an index.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Me and My Valentine