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Shting shtang shtung! (Your brain on music)

I’m inspired by most music I hear, especially live music. I carry some of that inspiration around with me, and  when I’m playing out somewhere with my band, Mandolin Whiskey, it’s used as fuel. Music also fuels other things; my writing, gardening, washing dishes, doing the laundry, conversations, listening, and when not to listen. That last one may seem odd but my brain, and your’s, needs a rest every now and then.

I wonder how long we’d last if thinking required physical exertion? Probably not very long. Some folks go on long walks saying that it helps them think better. Does your brain physically exert itself when you say “I’m going on a long walk to think things over?” Do we think too much? Cerebral congestion, hmmm, is there such a condition? Are we at a point where the deluge of data is deafening? Music helps my noggin clear the congestion, ease the flow of traffic, it steers me into the rest area.

I listen to all kinds of music, but tend to shy away from hip-hop, although I can certainly see the art in it. I’m not big on country music either, other genres such as rap, jazz, and classical don’t frequent my play list much. But again, I appreciate the art that goes into it, and there’s been times when a certain hip-hop or rap song will inspire. My son AJ introduced me to a new genre recently called “trap,” I’ve not added any to my playlist yet, but I’ve heard a few of AJ’s selections and they inspired a thought or two.

While digging mulch the other day I unknowingly disturbed a nest of yellow jackets. Two were inspired by the noisy disturbance to initaite defensive posturing, which of course led to a painful experience for me. I wasn’t listening to music when this happened.


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Why you’ll never win an argument with your wife

I’m utterly amazed at my brain’s inability to grasp the fact that it (i.e., me) will never EVER, EVER be able to win an argument against the brain of a woman (i.e., my wife). Try as it might, with all those millions of neurons firing every which way, it’s just a helpless, hapless and hopeless attempt. It’s kind of explained in the video below, but to get the full gist of it, you must: a. Be married to a woman. b. Been married to a woman. c. Argued with a woman. d. All of the above.

Even before the argument starts, I know I’ll not win. Shortly after the disagreement presents itself  my brain is telling me to shut up. “You know you’re not going to get anywhere!”  And yet, I do it anyway. Why? Male competitiveness of course,  fueled by that ever present hormone we store in endless quantities – testosterone. I’ll keep doing it, and I’ll keep losing, but it doesn’t mean that I’ll stop wishing for a win.