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Time for drastic measures

The restore/recover disk should be here any day. I had to order a new one from HP because I couldn’t find the original one that came with my system. For those of you wondering what’s going on, my desktop computer stopped computing and decided not to load windows. This rather troublesome setback has given me the opportunity to search and clean my entire workroom. I’ve looked everywhere. It was probably thrown out with the box my computer came in. I’ll never know.

Update: Restore/Recover failed. It appears it may be time for a more drastic measure, like taking the tower to a computer repair shop. Either that or a drastic measure that would involve me taking a peek inside myself, and no, I didn’t mean inner self-reflection. But since I mentioned it, I’ve been wondering about yoga and if it would add to the success I’m having with a lifestyle change. I know it involves meditation and self-reflection, and sitting and stretching in all kinds of weird ways that my 57-year old body might object to. This is a digression, I want my desktop computer back, and I’m willing to take another drastic measure.

As it says on the back of my Martin guitar strings T-shirt: “Stay tuned.”


Do without

My desktop computer is out of commission. So I’m doing without it for now. Isn’t that an odd phrase? “Do without.” I’m thankful I’m not doing without heat tonight. The weatherman says it hasn’t been this cold in 15 years. It’s -7, with wind it feels like -30. I can do without cold like that!

I was going to write a blog post about smartphone apps I can do without. There’s just too many that are useless. I’m sure you can do without seeing a long list of them here.

I hope I don’t have to do without my desktop computer very long. But if I do, I guess I’ll just have to do without.

All this has me wondering….
What could you do without?