Where’s the young-uns?

Each time our Master Gardener group goes on an outing I wonder why there’s never anyone present under the age of 50. It makes me think these kinds of excursions are something only the cotton top generation enjoy.

We’er on our way to Erie, PA to visit the Tom Ridge Environmental Center. It’s 8:30 am, there’s about an inch of snow, but the highway is clean and safe for driving. It’s a chilly 21 degrees, and with snowy conditions, this makes the deer hunters extremely happy. Perhaps this offers a partial explanation of why there’s no young-uns along for the trip. Perhaps not.

I think it has more to do with the status quo. I’m sure y’all know about the hazards of complacency when things have been done the same way for so long that new ideas are viewed as something to be avoided. There are those MGers who’re stuck in the mire of their own personal agenda. This makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for change.

Sounds a lot like the Political Machine doesn’t it?